t h e    p a r l o u r  c o l l e c t i v e

we have evolved

The Parlour Beauty Rooms opened it’s doors in 2007 and quickly became Galway’s favourite beauty retreat earning a reputation for exceptional service combined with a chic and luxurious surrounding

2019 sees the beauty rooms becoming a collective where likeminded practitioners continue but do so but in an independent manner. The parlour Collective was created to stand at the crossroads of the beauty world.

A unique environment for independent hairstylists, makeup artists, beauticians and more, exclusively designed to provide a co-existing space for artists who value a sense of community. Defining themselves but also becoming part of something greater.

Hair, well being, beauty  & make up professionals are now joined under one space offering unrivalled service and cutting edge treatments

The Parlour Collective stands for the doers, the dreamers and the independent artists who value a sense of creative community and freedom. It serves as a dedicated residence to those in the ever changing landscape of the beauty industry.

All parlour collective practitioners operate independently

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